Dec. 12, 2023

Gallery 1 | The “Gosho-doki” Design – Kosode Kimono as a stage set

Chiso Gallery presents a selection of the Kosode kimono of the “Gosho-doki” design from the Edo period (17th-19th century).

Gosho-doki is a style of kimono design.  Exhibiting a whole Kosode (kimono) as a large screen or canvas, a “story” unfolds, sometimes featuring a Noh theatre play and other scenes from classical Japanese literature.  No people are depicted and only the scenery, seasonal plants, and other elements are skillfully expressed encouraging the viewer to enjoy figuring out the main theme.

Each Kosode has its own theme but the background setting where the story evolves is always natural scenery often with some buildings, furniture, and various other tools and elements.   Seeing a Kosode as a stage set, this exhibition will feature various sceneries.  You will find spatial and temporal effects such as perspective expressions and seasonal transitions within the landscape pattern.

Enjoy the Gosho-doki designs which express the vast space within the Kosode.

The “Gosho-doki” Design – Kosode Kimono as a stage set
January 13 (Sat.) – April 1 (Mon.), 2024
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Admission free
※Closed Tuesday - Wednesday
※We will be closed February 26 and March 16, 2024

Chiso Gallery – gallery 1
2nd floor of the CHISO Flagship store
80 Mikuracho Sanjyo Karasuma
Nakagyo-ku Kyoto