Jun. 12, 2024

Gallery 1 | Discovering Unique Ways to Enjoy Folding Screens

The Gion Festival is a hallmark of Kyoto’s summer.  A number of rituals and festivals are held during this one-month long historical festival.  One of them is the Byobu Matsuri, or the Folding Screen Festival which takes place during the Yoi-yama period.  Old Kyoto houses and merchant families display their treasured items to enhance the festive atmosphere.  At the Chiso Gallery, folding screens and other possessions are exhibited during this period, adding to the cultural excitement of the Gion Festival.

Folding screens, which consist of multiple connected panels that can be folded to stand on their own, offer a unique viewing experience distinct from flat paintings.  This exhibition introduces each folding screen with recommended viewing methods, such as viewing from an angle, while walking, or comparing folded and unfolded states.   Enjoy the folding screens from various perspectives.

Special Evening Openings during the Gion Festival

The Chiso Gallery will extend its opening hours during the Yoi-yama period.  Enjoy the Chiso’s Folding Screen Festival along with the lively Gion Festival.

- Saki Matsuri (The Former Festival): July 14 (Sun) – 16 (Tues)
- Ato Matsuri (The Latter Festival): July 22 (Mon) – 23 (Tues)

<Opening Hours>
Each Day: 10:00–19:00

On dates not mentioned above, the gallery will be open during regular hours.

Chiso’s “Byobu Matsuri” Folding Screen Festival 2024
“Discovering Unique Ways to Enjoy Folding Screens”

June 29 (Sat.) – September 29 (Sun.), 2024
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Admission free
※Closed Tuesday - Wednesday

Chiso Gallery – gallery 1
2nd floor of the CHISO Flagship store
80 Mikuracho Sanjyo Karasuma
Nakagyo-ku Kyoto