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We distribute our original products nationwide, offering variety of items including kimonos for various purposes or scarves and accessory items fitting to modern lifestyle with a touch of traditional essence.

Cultural Affairs


The collection of materials owned by Chiso, approximately 20,000 pieces in total, ranges from important cultural properties - designated by the national government - to dyed fabrics, books, and paintings. The ancestors of Chiso have passed these items down through the generations with great care, and are a valuable source of the history of Japanese design. We work hard to conserve these treasures, and at the same time, to contribute to society through conducting further investigation and study in collaboration with nationwide museums.

Restoration and Repair Services

We regularly perform conservation services for textiles, such as for kosode. A high degree of knowledge of the era’s fabrics and dyeing practices are a requirement to perform these services. Chiso, in collaboration with various universities, provides repairs not only on kosode garments from the Edo period but also on Yuzen items that were exported overseas during the Meiji era and on items throughout Japan as well as overseas.

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