The kurotomesode is worn by close relatives of a couple getting married.

Wearing patterns, which express wishes for the happiness of others,
would give a sense of the beautiful customs of Japan.

Abundance of delight and happiness

The kurotomesode abounds with patterns that express wishes for the celebration. The patterns include shells, symbolizing the everlasting bonds of a couple, or bundles of auspicious noshi strips (tabane-noshi), expressing eternity, longevity, and a good match.
these traditional patterns are still a way to impart wishes for happiness on the wedding ceremony.

Embracing the important moments with kimono

Together with the dazzling gold leaf and embroidery made in gold and many colors, the auspicious patterns shows its splendid form on the fine black fabric.

The emphasis on tradition and the sophisticated beauty shall add certain dignity to a solemn atmosphere.

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