Carefully dyed with simple designs or rich overall patterns,
the Chiso komon and yuzen-kijaku can be enjoyed wearing in various styles from semi-formal to casual.
The beautiful yuzen-kijaku kimono of Chiso, is decorated with patterns covering whole garment,
has a long history that has being made since the Meiji era.

Sophisticate and elegant attire

With its exquisitely dyed patterns, the Chiso yuzen-kijaku is suitable attire for auspicious events when combined with an obi.
This is the kimono we recommend to wear as a form of national dress at Japanese ceremonies or school graduations from a young age.

Simple attire with a touch of elegance

The komon is a kimono that dyed with simple repeating pattern designs.
The Chiso komon with its traditional Japanese patterns or seasonal motifs can be enjoyed casually, at slightly formal events, or as a first kimono for those who are unaccustomed to the garment.

A kimono for the joy of elegance and dazzle

The splendid yuzen-kijaku (a fabric roll with the length required one kimono) is made with beautiful design and dyed with contemporary colors, which can be enjoyed as choosing fashion on your preference.