Houmongi (Semi-formal kimonos) can be worn for paying social visits
where needs to show certain level of respect in one’s appearance,
or simply as elegant attire for any social occasion.

It shall always adorn any women elegantly.

The pleasure of wearing a kimono, adorned with exquisite designs

The Houmongi, semi-formal kimonos made by Chiso, is made with appreciation of harmony between the beauties of its expansive design and scenery when actually worn.
We use a variety of techniques to create bold and exquisite patterns and compositions for a uniquely gorgeous kimono.

Unchanging Grace and beauty

As Houmongi of Chiso is adorned with patterns that has been appreciated since the ancient times, its beauty would be not influenced from any trend of the time.

Can be worn on important day of passage rite or other formal occasions, It is a graceful kimono that is cherished and worn on important days aa such.

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