The ubugi kimono alternatively is called Haregi,
which generally used as a dress for newborn for special occasions.
Swaddling newborn with full of love and affection is the inexpressive thoughts of the family.

The beautiful shape of love

Expressing the wish that much happiness will come to the life of newborn child, the patterns on the garment are certainly infused with hopes for the future.
We use the yuzen technique to dye the finest garments while cherishing the beautiful shape and the significance of the wishes for future happiness.

The Japanese haregi, swaddling the newborn in feathery silk

Since this is the child's first kimono for special occasions, we hope the newborn to feel the softness and warmth of silk.
The ubugi from Chiso is made entirely with silk, and outer garment is, of course, adorned with bright designs.

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