Made to Order service

With our in-depth knowledge, techniques, and aesthetics,
which we have developed through long history,
we wish to be a great company for the journey of all the customers pursuing ones’ beauty.

Made to Order

We offer a special experience where you can create your own kimono starting from the pure white silk.
Our made-to-order service is an unique, one of a kind experience that you can find the meaning of beauty throughout the process. - Taking our vast archives and the samples as design reference, you will develop your own kimono with our designers and artisans.

Reservation required for this service.

Pls feel free to make any inquiry regarding any level of made- to order service including:

  • I.e.
  • ・Color changes
  • ・Fabric changes
  • ・Size changes

Customization Orders

We are happy to customize your kimono by adding ornamentation to new kimono or the ones you already own. (Applied kimonos made y Chiso only)
This service includes adding crests, names, or decorative patterns;

Add a family crest to match the certain occasions.
We also offer hanamon flower crests based on our original designs for a casual style.

Adding your own or your family name.
We use gold leaf to apply the name to the kimono, and embroidery or discharge printing for furoshiki and fukusa wraps.

・Gold leaf and embroidery
Adding preferred decorations - such as gold leaf and embroidery.

Inquiry for made to order service

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