The Furisode, essentially is a long-sleeved,
gorgeous kimono traditionally worn by unmarried women.
Whilst treasuring the classic patterns,
we always have eyes of fresh and modern idea in designs as well as colors.

Sheathed in happiness for the big moments in life

The furisode is adorned with traditional patterns.
In Japan, such patterns are expressing hopes for happiness including good luck, longevity, and good encounter.
With this reason, therefore, the furisode is absolute attire to celebrate life's turning points.

A delightful kimono reflecting richness of Kyo-yuzen and aspirational beauty

The excellent furisode made through the process and techniques including variety of dyeing methods, yuzen, shiborizome for its unique textures, gleaming gold leaf, as well as embroidery.

A figure sheathed in a furisode with rich colors and pattern would create an utterly exquisite beauty.

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