Care & Service

We offer cleaning and repair services for kimono remained in its best condition as long as possible.


We offer a cleaning service to keep your loved kimono remaining beautiful.
With our in-depth knowledge of dyes and fabrics, we shall maintain your kimono with great care so that you can look forward to the next opportunity to wearing with confidence and comfort.

The Chiso basic maintenance & care plan
We have designed a basic cleaning service that is suitable for everyone who enjoys Kimono.

*For this plan, we also accept kimono from other makers.

  • ・Dry cleaning
  • ・Focused care for the collar and sleeves
  • ・Press finish (by iron)


We undertake repair services for your Chiso kimono.
Whether it is your favorite kimono or a treasured kimono passed down in the family, we will mend and restore the items to the beautiful condition.

Pls feel free to contact for further inquiries.
*Please note that we only accept items manufactured by Chiso for the repair service.

  • I.e.
  • ・Dry cleaning
  • ・Alterations
  • ・Embroidery Reapir
  • ・Gold leaf Repair
  • ・Removing mold
  • ・Dyeing over iromuji (one colored) kimono