Craftmanship & Artistry

The Chiso craftsmanship is supported by the work of many artisans, including handwork of craftsmen,
silks and dyes as materials, and cultures and artistry developed in long history.
As such, is cultivated though the act of nature as well as human.

It is not simply a matter of inheritance; rather, as we move toward to the future,
we will enhance the techniques to create beauty based
on what generation after generation has taught us: "Tradition is not to conform, but to build around."

The exclusive designer and 20,000 archived collection

There is a special room within the company, the dedicated space only for the designers for yuzen.
It is clearly one of the components of Chiso’s uniqueness and creativity, especially it has a history from Meiji-era.
The archived collections as well as inherited sketching skills, both can help to produce new ideas with legitimacy.

Cooperation with proficient craftsmen

All of our creations are made with the support of various craftsmen and their distinguished skills.
Every piece is completed through the process that is divided into the certain steps. Every steps is handled by different craftsman, and which consequently would build a remarkable piece as craftsmen are enhancing each other through the process.
By virtue of such process, we share our unique perspective with craftsmen through conjoining for pursuit of beauty as well as the trust we built.

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