Dec. 04, 2020

CHISO GALLERY | Narrative of colors

Where are the colors originated?
It is said that the primal concept of colors in Japan was consisted with four colors, which includes white, red, black, and blue. 
These concepts originated from the idea of “the flow of time” we see in every day, with  Shiro (White) derived from the view of the sky at sunrise when another day is becoming clear, Aka (Red) is brightness of the sun, Kuro (black) is from darkness, and Ao (Blue) is from anytime of the day we saw the dim of lights. 

The Chiso Gallery held the exhibition titled "White – The Color of alpha" in August 2020.
Following the previous "White" exhibition, we will continue this color story. The exhibition, ”Narrative of colors”, is consisted with a story of three colors, "Red", "Black", and "Blue," which are experienced through our private collections.

As we have been celebrating one’s milestones of life with the finest Kyo-yuzen kimono and other dyed fabrics, and having always pursued and created exquisite colors, we now revisit the colors again.

Season 1:“Aka (Red) ” 10th Dec 2020 until 28th Feb 2021

The exhibition will focus on the apotropaic meaning of Red, featuring a red children's kimono, a folding screen depicting the Yasurai Festival in Kyoto, and a kimono from the Edo period. 

The exhibition, Research of White, directed by Tsuyoshi Tane, the architect who designed our flagship store, will stay opened in a space next to the gallery until January 25. 

Season 2:“Kuro (Black) 6th March 2021 until 23rd May 2021

Black comes from darkness.  Taking this as its concept, the exhibition will present night scenery works. Along with hangingscrolls ”Cat in the Moonlight" and "Skull in the moonlight", it will also showcase black wedding costumes and tomesode (married women's formal kimono). 

Season 3:“Ao (Blue) 29th May 2021 until 22nd Aug 2021

Blue in Japan, has been used to describe the green in nature when it is in their vive. 
Focusing on the relationship between its original meaning and color of blue itself, the exhibition will be showing paintings of plants and trees, as well as blue kimono and wedding costumes. 

Narrative of colors

10th Dec 2020 - 22nd Aug 2021
11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Admission free
※Closed Tuesday, Wednesday

80 Mikuracho Sanjyo Karasuma Nakagyo-ku Kyoto