Mar. 31, 2023

Gallery 1 | How is value formed?

How is value formed? 

In the Meiji period, Chiso showed its ornamental textiles created using dyeing and embroidery techniques at exhibitions. Many of the technical samples, reference materials that served as inspiration for designs, reproductions and preparatory sketches related to the production of these items have been preserved to this day.

These works give us a glimpse of the value that Chiso placed on and tried to incorporate into its creations at that time.

There is hidden value in the works — more than can be seen on the surface. Here, the various elements and stories that form that value can be seen.

This exhibition will explore the value behind works of art through reproductions and other art from the Meiji period.

How is value formed? 
7th April 2023 ~ 25th June 2023
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Admission free
※Closed Tuesday - Wednesday
2nd floor of the CHISO Flagship store
80 Mikuracho Sanjyo Karasuma Nakagyo-ku Kyoto