Apr. 10, 2023

Gallery 2 |In the sight of the forest, Adrift in trees

Chiso Gallery is pleased to present Shunsuke Kano’s solo exhibition ‘In the sight of the forest, Adrift in trees’.

Kano’s works, consisted of complexing layers of objects and photographed images of those objects, forcefully cut out of the surface by using the photography as its method.

We usually think that small elements and details have been aggregating the current shape, but in Kano’s work, this theory may not be quite applied.
With accumulation of crossing details of the separated yet overlapped motifs, it is no longer possible to trace every interconnection of the detail from the complete piece itself.

What are these works intending to show us, and what are we actually looking at? We may ultimately grasp this through looking at these confronting imageries together with the layers that lie behind them.

In the sight of the forest, Adrift in trees
27th April 2023 ~ 12th June 2023
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Admission free
※Closed Tuesday - Wednesday
2nd floor of the CHISO Flagship store
80 Mikuracho Sanjyo Karasuma Nakagyo-ku Kyoto