Signficant Materials

The Chiso craftsmanship is supported by the work of many artisans, including handwork of craftsmen,
silks and dyes as materials, and cultures and artistry developed in long history.
As such, is cultivated though the act of nature as well as human.

It is not simply a matter of inheritance; rather, as we move toward to the future,
we will enhance the techniques to create beauty based
on what generation after generation has taught us: "Tradition is not to conform, but to build around."

The pure white silk, a cornerstone of Chiso Yuzen

Our originally made while silk is exclusively made from an atelier in Tango area.
With the special techniques, the silk comes to life with utmost quality that ultimately would create the exquisite colors and touches on our yuzen kimono.
The white silk is indeed a cornerstone of our creation, which enables our ideas to life.

To preserve the beauty and quality

At Chiso, from raising silkworm till the weaving, whole process is managed solely in Japan.
With such streamline operation management, the beauty and quality of our kimono is always retained in its excellence.
Along with such quality we proud of, we wish our kimono would be a part of the elements to accentuate your special day.

The mission to protect the industry and culture

We always consider to protect the culture, traditional industry, and skills for sericulture in Japan.
Cooperating with related institutions, we shall support to sustain purely domestic silk production through producing kimono in Japan as traditional outfit.

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