Our Narratives

The Chiso craftsmanship is supported by the work of many artisans, including handwork of craftsmen,
silks and dyes as materials, and cultures and artistry developed in long history.
As such, is cultivated though the act of nature as well as human.

It is not simply a matter of inheritance; rather, as we move toward to the future,
we will enhance the techniques to create beauty based
on what generation after generation has taught us: "Tradition is not to conform, but to build around."

Deeply rooted in Kyoto, established solid reliance and social prominence.

Established in 1555, started business in Sanjyo Muromachi Kyoto as merchant specializing for monks and aristocrats’ clothes.
Succeeded to gain the onsozokusho by proving the clothes to imperial relatives and temples.
As the business prospered, there were about hundred of related stores of Chiso in Sanjyo street in the Edo period.

Became a purveyor to the Royal Household as a a pioneer for artistry dyed products

In the Meiji period, Chiso established new era of Yuzen through various innovational trials including collaboration with renowned Japanese painters, and which had brought utterly new perspectives in dyeing art piece along with new design ideas. With such innovation and trend that Chiso built, the company had received many awards at international expositions, and furthermore, became the Purveyor to the Royal Household.

Demonstrate the new & distinguished creativity with the profound respect in culture and traditions

Over 460 years since establish, Nothing is changed on our foundation. Not only offering formal kimonos made with high respect to the culture and traditions, but also we offer the kimonos made with fresh design perspectives along with the trend.

Furthermore, we have been continuously striving for our invariable initiative for inheritance of culture, techniques and artistry, and art collection.

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